Fertility testers know when spermium is able to be used for sperm donations. The more it sticks the more likely she is getting pregnant. No birth control means you gotta ejaculate in her face. Non-sticky producers can give creampie creation a try, but it ain’t risk free.


Good videos are hard to find. Find some typical descriptions of porn movies inside here.


Handsome guys are erotic for both, male and women. Let’s look at gay fantasies and how guys put them into reality.

Erotic Fiction

Most fantasies never become reality but they sound like good stories. Let’s read about other people’s dark fantasies and vanilla brain farts. Maybe we are all the same at the end dispite claims to be different.


Are you a sadist or masochist? Pain and pleasure are feelings that are closely related to sexual gratification. Just keep on reading to find out more about your dark desires.

Legs n Feet

Endless legs are part of many erotic dreams. Licking them up from feets is delightful. Arriving at the Y is the way and the aim at the same time. There is a lot of Zen Spirituality in your balls when thinking about sexy, long legged women.


It’s more than just being a naturist or nudist. Exhibitionism is a mental condition where people enjoy being naked while being seen by as many people as positive. We don’t mind – don’t we?

Inter Racial

While it is a stereotype about races, interracial pornography is mostly about pale housewives and their lovers. It’s juicy fun between them as the punters occupy white pussy like security guards of a gold mine. Down to the flesh.


The last layer of fabric ahead of complete nudity is underwear made of soft cotton. Tender and soft with a scent that makes undies subjects of desires. Sniffing them is a delightful waste.


Many guys will say blowjobs are better than sex. What do you think? Does having your girlfriend giving you head excite you more than banging her vanilla style?